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             SAFETY FEATURES


             High/Low Pressure Switches

             Overload Protection

             Anti-Short Cycle Relays

             Lock Out Relays

             Multiple Independent Circuit

CABINET- Stainless Steel, Insulated Evaporator Section, Access Panels


EXCHANGER COIL- Coaxial Cupronickel Heat Exchanger


Perfect for Swimming Pool & Hydronic Applications

Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump Units


Water to Water Systems

These Water to Water systems are a very unique and used in a variety of applications. Most are designed as a all-in-one package unit. Completely pre-charged with R410A. Perfect for Hydronic and Swimming Pool applications.

Also available with a 2-Stage Compressor.

We offer several sizes and configurations in this design.  Add-on options available.



1.5 Ton    Call


2.0 Ton    Call


2.5 Ton    Call


3.0 Ton    Call


3.5 Ton    Call


4.0 Ton    Call


5.0 Ton    Call


6.0 Ton & UP   Call


** Dealers Call for Pricing **

Add-on Options:


DeSuper Heater                     


2 Stage Compressor


Quiet Blanket        


Recirculation Pump  (For DeSuperheater)


Zone Valve            (For Well Applications)



For parts, piping, pumps, manifolds, valves, and geothermal components see: Geothermal Accessories